Achieve better sales enablement with hybrid learning events

Thursday, Apr 20, 20233:00 PM - 4:00 PM Africa/Abidjan

Meet our speakers

Shirley Deutsch

VP of Solution Strategy and Enablement, Kaltura

Danny Swibel

Senior Manager Solution Strategy and Enablement, Kaltura

Aaron Dorondo

Head of Commercial Sales, Kaltura

Thomas Ellis

Director, Solutions Enablement, Kaltura


With geographically dispersed and increasingly busy audiences, how do you go about running sales enablement events?  


Hybrid learning events give your participants the option to join in person or virtually. They also come with powerful engagement and interaction tools that will help you create memorable learning experiences for your audiences. That’s why 50% of attendees prefer hybrid events over virtual-only and in-person-only events. 


From their vantage point as experts in video-based learning and virtual/hybrid events, Kaltura’s Shirley Deutsch, Danny Swibel and Thomas Ellis will share their insider knowledge of hybrid learning events for sales enablement, using Kaltura’s very own SKO event as a case study. 


In this webinar, you will discover: 

  • The many benefits of hybrid learning 
  • The value of hybrid audiences 
  • How to engage both your virtual and in-person audiences 
  • How to successfully use the hybrid event format for your upcoming SKO or any other sales enablement event

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